Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Secret Addiction: I am a Stevie Nicks Artist

It's taken me over ten years to admit it, but I think it's time to come out of the closet. Now some people would just love to have me admit I am a lesbian, but I am afraid that is not the case. For the last fourteen years or so, I have been secretly a Stevie Nicks portrait artist. This was before Joanna Piederman was discovered and all the other websites featuring "Stevie Art" via the internet (http://www.nicksfix.com/) came to be.
I have much to write about this series of artwork so I will go back to 1995. The image above is pastel, ink and metallic pen. It was appropriated from the inside sleeve of "Rock A Little", Stevie's album from 1985. It is approximately 15 x 20 inches, mounted and framed. I have several more pieces which I will post as time permits. To be continued!

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